The VALDEVINO PEDRO DA SILVA LAWYERS dates back to 1985 when the lawyer Valdevino Pedro da Silva, signed with OAB / SC under the number 4597, started providing legal services to companies in the region of Blumenau, State of Santa Catarina.

In the early years of operation, legal services were provided to large companies in the Vale do Itajaí, in textile areas, industries and distributors, in need of tax review and judicial recovery, considering the economic problems at the time, which was a fundamental moment for the rise of VPS Associated Lawyers.

In 2006 VPS Associated Lawyers moved its headquarters to 349, Theodoro Holtrup Street, Blumenau - SC, with new and modern facilities, as well as parking for its guests, constituting the VPS Business Center Building.

VPS Advogados Associados | Blumenau, Brusque e Argentina
Professionals working in the VPS Associated Lawyers are experienced and are constantly improving. Some are doctors, teachers, experts and university professors, which is a relevant factor for the business success of our clients.

Based on its strategic plan, the services provided by the VPS Associated Lawyers aim at the business areas and those which have a correlation with them.

The company is undoubtedly a complex asset. It is the result of a lifetime's work, sometimes for generations. So, the preservation and expansion of what has become a personal fortune is of the essence, reflecting directly to its recognition. The heritage is perpetuated by mobilizing physical, intellectual and moral strength, along with persistence and ethics to overcome resistance and difficulties. This is how we work to establish a partnership in order to offer our contribution so that the business objectives of our clients are met.

The VPS Associated Lawyers is not concerned only with preventing and resolving conflicts, but also, in unofficial character, acting as a partner in order to contribute to the preservation and expansion of the business assets of our clients.

Fulfilling this philosophy, VPS Associated Lawyers completes 30 years of expertise in providing legal services primarily in the business area.

Act as partners in the preservation and expansion of business and personal assets, as well as the preservation and conflict resolution, an effective and ethical commitment, providing tranquility and security to our clients.

To be an office of national and international reference for the primacy of law, providing legal services primarily in the business area.

Commitment;   Competence; Discretion;         Ethics;        Safety;  Secrecy;        and Transparency.


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